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MAG Online - What have the athletes online been up to during lockdown 💪

Due to the lockdown in Victoria, MGC quickly pivoted to offer online classes for our competitive athletes and as we approach a time where we may be able to open in the near future. The MAG team wanted to share what the boys have been up to online the past 6 months.

MAG Group 1, Coach Sho and Kirril have enjoyed working on the basics during lockdown and perfecting motorbike landing.

MAG Group 2 Coaches Sho & Andreas have taken the time online to work on basics of handstand, planche, floor skills, floor circles, and Vault techniques. Specifically, the team goal for July was all gymnasts can do "standing press handstand". After achieving this goal, they started to make different tasks/goals for each gymnast with Max P working on improving his standing back sault on floor as seen in video. Moreover, testing their strength level twice in July and September. All boys improved their scores with handstand hold on floor being a particular area of improvement with Jack holding handstand 30 sec, Kristian 75 sec, and Alex W 90 sec!

The outcome we are most impressed within group 2 is that the boys developed habits to have physical activity/exercise independently outside their online training day, with Sho encouraging the athletes to find/choose own physical exercise that brings them joy. Sho, Andreas & Group 2 are looking forward to being back in the gym and continuing to develop their skills ready for the 2021 competition season.

MAG Group 3/4 Over the past 6 months Ellis and the boys have been focusing on strength, strength-based skills, handstands and floor based corner skills. The boys have shown tremendous improvement in these areas and this can be shown by their newfound skill to be able to press from stand and their stability in their handstands. Ellis is glad to say that the boys now acknowledge that soreness is their friend and that repetition is a proven method of increasing their ability. They're all very happy so far with progress and can't wait to get back into the gym so show off our new strength ability.

MAG Group 5/6 Asher and the boys have a newfound love for handstands and the gymnasts’ skill has improved tremendously. They have used their time in lockdown to focus on our strength and flexibility and the boys have keenly taken up many strength challenges. It has been a great opportunity for the various levels of gymnasts to get to know one another and work together in a group while training from home during lockdown.

We are looking forward to being able to see our members face to face at some stage soon. Join in the fun with us at home and look out for our updates on Instagram

Again, we would like to thank all families and athletes for their support during this time. As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via email

Kind regards,

MGC MAG Online Team (Sho, Andreas, Asher & Ellis)

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