Pre Recreational

Aimed at beginner gymnasts 4 to 5 years old this class at our Windsor Centre begins to work on core gymnastics skills including forward and backward rolls, handstands and cartwheels. Great 1 hour class to start in terms 3 or 4 if your child is aiming to start prep the following year.

Recreational Level 1-4

Suitable for beginners from the age of 5, the 1 hour classes at our Windsor Centre outline the core skills of gymnastics including forward and backward rolls, handstands and cartwheels. 4 levels are offered depending on a child's experience/natural ability and testing conducted bi-annually

Recreational L5-6

Suitable for children who have completed level 4, or from the age of 7 at our Windsor Centre. The level 5 and level 6, 90 minute class is for children who have achieved handstands and cartwheels. This class starts to focus on mastering all your skills (example; holding handstand or straight leg cartwheel) and onto the fundamental skills for backbends, round-offs, and front or back walkovers.

Gymstar Recreational

The gymstar recreational program provides children aged 9+, with the opportunity to train in a fun, positive environment (offered at our Melbourne Centre Wesley College only). Gymnasts attend once a week for a 2 hour session and perfect skills/routine from the Gymstar level 3-8 curriculum outlined by Gymnastics Victoria. There are 3 levels for gymnasts to work through with testing conducted bi-annually.

BEGINNER For new recreational gymnasts learning the basics on rolls, handstand, cartwheels, bridges, swings, and balance on the beam, working toward skills in level 3-4 of the Gymstar curriculum.

INTERMEDIATE A progression from either recreational level 6 OR from GSR beginner, focusing on walkovers, roundoffs, beginning of tumbling skills and starting to connect or progress skills apparatus, working toward skills in the level 4-5 Gymstar curriculum.

ADVANCED Working on salting and tumbling skills and transferring floor skills to beam and harder skills development on bars and other apparatus. Working towards skills in the level 6-8 Gymstar curriculum.


Introducing Gym4Me, designed for 12-17 year olds to try gymnastics for the first time and find a new passion, or to continue their involvement in the sport in a fun environment (offered at our Melbourne Centre Wesley College only). The exciting thing about Gym4Me is that each program is designed around the individual and their goals and needs (hence the name!). 


Find out more about this program here.