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Introducing Baby Gym, a gymnastics experience for 4-12 month olds and their parents and guardians at our Windsor Centre. 
In each 30 minute class babies are supported to develop their physical and cognitive skills at their own rate, allowing each child to discover the joys of movement. Sharing these experiences can also help to develop the communication and feelings of safety between the caregiver and baby. Earlier gym experience is absolutely not required!
The benefits and highlights of our Babygym are:

Socializing and sharing the experience with other parents and babies

Bonding with your child and getting more comfortable moving with them 

Stimulating the vestibular system through balance, coordination and rhythm

Creating a foundation for movement that will carry on throughout life

Having fun in a relaxed and supportive environment

When can I start Babygym? 
Our youngest participants are four months old. It is recommended to start this kind of activity once the baby is able to hold their head steady and upright and can handle a longer waketime (duration of our session is 30 minutes).
Older babies in the group know how to creep, crawl and stand up. If your baby can already walk, it is more suitable to move onto the Toddler group (aged 1-3yrs).
What do I need to take with me?
You should wear comfortable and flexible clothing. Choose for your baby a well fitting baby grow and pants, jumpsuit or playsuit. Baby clothes shouldn’t be too loose or too slippery. At Melbourne Gymnastics centre we provide facilities for diaper change as well as for feeding the little ones.

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