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At MGC, we specialise in women’s artistic gymnastics. We have a long history of junior development and competition, and we also have many senior athletes competing in a variety of levels. Our gyms are fully equipped with a high standard of artistic gymnastics apparatuses and a variety of teaching aids for high quality training.  Our coaching philosophy is focused around well qualified and caring individuals who together strive for common goals to achieve the best outcome for our athletes, children and families, whatever their goals and dreams.


Find out more about our High Performance Program here, and explore our complete competitive pathway below.

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Pre Squad

Pre-Squad is a unisex structured foundational program aimed at preparing children for a competitive gymnastics pathway. It is an invitational program aimed at teaching children the fundamental basics of gymnastics required for WAG, MAG and Gymstar competitive programs.

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Gymstar Levels 2-10

Gymstar is a unisex invitational recreational competitive program. It allows recreational gymnasts to participate in competitions that are structured, fun, positive and supportive. It involves competing on both MAG and WAG apparatus including the Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, Rings and Parallel Bars making it inclusive for both girls and boys. It requires a lower level of commitment from athletes and families, training 2 sessions a week. Gymstar follows a state skill curriculum that is flexible and adaptable to all ages and abilities. 

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WAG-Australian Levels Program 

The Gymsport of Women's Artistic Gymnastics is a sport of elegance, precision, power and control. It involves four apparatus including the Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor.  At Melbourne Gymnastics Centre, WAG is an invitational program aimed at nurturing and developing athletes aspiring to compete at a state and or national level. This pathway requires a higher level of commitment from the athletes and families (i.e. training hours between 4-16+ hour/week, mandatory competitions and learning complex skills/routines). WAG follows a national skill curriculum, parallel program and is an overall higher level of gymnastics.

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MGC Support Services

BODY LAB, physiotherapy


Phone (03) 9822 2302



Phone 0460 001 180


Accredited Sports Dietitian

Phone 0417 279 858

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