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Gymstar Athletes - Online Training

Just because we have been in lockdown doesn’t mean gymnastics has stopped 🤸🏻‍♀️💜💙🤸🏼‍♂️

Our coaches have been enjoying finding ways to challenge and engage many of our gymstar competitive athletes via online learning, we are all pros now at teaching gymnastics over zoom from home! A sentence we never thought we would say.

We have been enjoying seeing the gymnasts working very hard every week on zoom and have been so impressed with gymnasts (and their families) creativity and positivity. From re-arranging furniture and using walls and chairs as gymnastics equipment.

All our gymnasts have been working hard to improve their strength, flexibility and skill basics with some fun challenges and entertainment mixed in. Classes have enjoyed dress up weeks, photo challenges, pet shows and a few times trying to sing happy birthday over Zoom. We have had many laughs in class as an interested pet walking in front of the camera or tech issues have left the screen frozen in an odd pose.

Throughout the months of unknowns with lockdown all our coaches have been so proud of the persistence and resilience the gymnasts have shown. Check out what the coaches have to say;

Level 2 and 3 have been working on mastering the quality of fundamental gymnastics shapes and drills. For an extra challenge, gymnasts have begun focusing on strength based skills, such as press handstands. The hard work that gymnasts have been putting into their Zoom classes will transfer across to apparatus’ once we can return to the gym. We appreciate their dedication and perseverance and look forward to seeing them continue to develop. (Coaches Marina & Linden)

The Level 4s have been working so hard to learn the language of gymnastics as well as many new skills and drills. The gymnasts have been working so hard on their strength and shaping that it has really paid off in their skills with many improving on their bridges and straddle wall handstands. The gymnasts have been working so consistently at their strength and flexibility that coaches have been amazed with the improvements and are constantly finding way to challenge the gymnasts furth which they are loving (Coaches Lesh & Catherine)

Level 5 and 6 have been focusing on building their own body knowledge by working on listening to their body’s and adapting each session to what their body needs on that day. The gymnasts have been finding that in many areas they are able to push themselves to achieve new skills or drill that they did not think possible. They have come a long way in understanding not just how to do a drill but why that drill is important in their skill progressions. They have really been enjoying taking turns to lead warmups and active flexibility sequences. (Coaches Catherine & Sophie)

The Level 7+ class is consistently put in 100% of their effort on zoom, despite also juggling school assessments, exams, and the usual ‘downs’ of lockdown. Their consistent effort and hard work has meant that their basics and strength have improved rapidly, which will mean that their skills in the gym will be even better! The coaches are really impressed with how the gymnasts have dealt with the transition to gymnastics on zoom; we know that they usually enjoy doing some harder skills in the gym, but have been eager to improve their basics and strength at home. The hard work that the gymnasts have put in have allowed the coaches to start introducing harder drills into the program, which both the gymnasts and coaches enjoy! Keep up the hard work (Coaches Emma & Harry)

Coaches can’t wait to see what these hard-working athletes achieve when we are able to return to the gym! Checkout the Gymstar Online Classes video below!

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