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Community update: MGC centre closure

Dear MGC athletes and families,

We would like to provide an update on our response to the evolving coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak and the implications on classes and activities across our four centres.

The wellbeing of our community of athletes, staff and families is our number one priority, and continues to inform our decision making.

Throughout this month we have enacted our phased plan in response to the outbreak, which has begun with reinforcing hygiene practices, removing shared toys in our waiting/viewing areas, removing our ‘sparkle’ award for the end of class and minimising close contact, only spotting athletes to meet safety precautions.

Melbourne Gymnastics Centre operates out of four centres, Melbourne (at Wesley College), Windsor, State Gymnastics Centre (SGC) and Hawthorn (at Bialik College).

Last Friday, Wesley College took the decision to suspend all outside activities, which includes Melbourne Gymnastics Centre, and yesterday Bialik College took the same decision.

Due to this, and circumstances beyond our control, we will be closing classes and training at our centres this week, with the view to reopening via a staggered approach from 14 April if it is safe to do so.

So, what does this mean for each centre?

Melbourne (Wesley College): all classes have been cancelled from Saturday 14 March

Hawthorn (Bialik College): all classes have been cancelled from Thursday 19 March

State Gymnastics Centre (MGC classes only): all classes will operate as normal until Saturday 21 March, and then all classes will be cancelled from Sunday 22 March

Windsor: all classes will operate as normal this week, and then all classes will be cancelled from Monday 23 March.

We have overridden all direct debit payments for this closure period and any family/athlete who has paid in advance for next week will be credited this amount to their account.

Whilst we hope to reopen all centres from 14 April, we will not be able to confirm this until closer to the date.

Importantly, we have no confirmed cases of Covid-19 at any of our centres, or from any of our families. However as mentioned in previous emails, if an athlete, family member or coach is feeling unwell or presenting symptoms of illness they should not attend classes or any of our centres this week, and every week.

We strongly believe that gymnastics has the power to transform lives and do so much good for our MGC community and beyond, and so it is with great sadness that we have to pause something that brings so much joy to all of us.

Our coaches have been working on home strength and conditioning programs that we hope will provide our athletes an opportunity to stay engaged in the sport they love and put so much energy into. We will be sending these out via email, and on MGC’s Facebook and Instagram pages so our whole community can benefit from them.

I would personally like to thank all families and athletes for their support during this time, and I look forward to seeing everyone in the gym when we return.

Kind regards,

Lucy Fyfield (Noutsis)

MGC Owner/Director

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