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Covid 19



Safety in the gym

Return to Gymnastics - We all play our part...

MGC is committed to the safe return of gymnastics for all stakeholders of our club. Please see information below on the main principles of safety in our gym. See HERE for our Covid Safety Plan.

Don't come to gym if you are unwell

Stay at home if you are unwell. It's that simple. If you or your child have an flu or cold symptoms including runny nose, cough or fever give your class a miss. If you need to have a covid test and need to miss a class while you wait for your results, we are happy to provide a credit upon receipt of a medical certificate. 

Ensure Physical/Social Distancing

Athletes are to arrive prepared for class and maintain social distancing, by following directional signage in the gym and staff instruction. Circle markers on the floor indicate 1.5metre spacing. 

Wear a Face Mask

Participants and customers over the age of 8 must wear a face at all time when in the premises except when exercising or drinking. 

Practice Good Hygiene

Coaches will wash their hands at the same times that the children do, or they will regularly use the hand-sanitiser provided at various points around the gym. Children and families are asked to sanitise upon entry and exit to the venue. 


Please avoid touching your nose, face or hair. Tissues and bins are located around the gym for athletes to safely blow their nose, and then hand wash/sanitise immediately following.  

Keep Records & Act Quickly

All athletes and families must checkin via the QR code upon arrival at the gym and checkin to your class via our attendance app at the entrace. 

Any athlete who presents as unwell during class will be asked to leave the class immediately and will be moved to an isolated area in the gym. Family will be contacted immediately for collection of child from the gymasium. 

Avoid Interactions in Closed Spaces

Children are to bring their own pre filled drink bottle to class and store in their own bag/cubby.

Please use the designated entry lane and exit lane when accessing the gym from the reception foyer. 

No Spectators Allowed Onsite

Due to the restricted numbers permitted within our gyms, parents, siblings and carers/guardians are unable to stay and watch their child’s class, we ask you say goodbye to your child in the foyer after checkin, and return no more than 5 mins before the end of class. For parents/carers/guardians with children under the age of 4, you are still required to participate with your child in the 1-3 and 3-5 year old program.

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