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Melbourne Gymnastics Centre operates two gyms across inner Melbourne. With over 30 years of gymnastic management and coaching experience, we offer classes for all ability levels and ages!


Our passion is driven by child development and the love of gymnastics. The sport brings great challenge, skill, achievement, empowerment, and strength which teaches lifelong skills that go beyond gymnastics. Being able to assist in enhancing people’s lives brings us great satisfaction and encouragement to continue to evolve. We pride ourselves on offering friendly, safe, and inviting venues for people to achieve their fullest potential in any program they are involved in.


We specialize in women’s artistic gymnastics with junior development, through to senior athletes competing in a variety of levels. Our gymnasiums are fully equipped with a high standard of artistic gymnastics apparatus and a variety of teaching aids for high-quality training. Our coaching philosophy is focused on well-qualified and caring individuals who together strive for common goals to achieve the best outcome for our athletes, children, and families. We also offer a kinder gym from age 4 months+ and recreational gymnastics for students aged 4 years old + who prefer attending once or twice a week and have a strong passion for learning new gymnastics skills.

Our Mission: To encourage all people to work at their greatest capacity.

Our Vision: To provide relevant, integral & sustainable gymnastics within a safe & progressive culture.

Our Values:

Enriching Community: ENRICH

Empowering People: EMPOWER

Driving Excellence: EXCELLENCE

Educating Everywhere: EDUCATE

Want to start Gymnastics? 

We’re privileged to provide people with high-quality physical activity and community foundations to enrich lives within and beyond the gym....

"I want to say a very big and heartfelt thank you to MGC. My daughter has utterly transformed in the few months since starting classes with you.

She's been through a lot for a little person: as a result, she can be so timid and afraid of trying new things and meeting new people, yet you've brought her out of her shell so beautifully. 

She absolutely LOVES gymnastics! She talks about it all the time, Wednesday is her favourite day of the week, and she makes me call out "happy cat and angry cat, lying down and rolling over" all the time... sometimes in a scottish accent! 

 There's very few things in life that can build a child's confidence and self-assurance so quickly, and I know it's because of the teachers and their level of care, kindness and professionalism."

 Really, thank you,

Natalie Ryan



74 Punt Road, Windsor


Offering Babygym, Kindergym for ages 1-5 years, Recreational, Gymstar Competitive program



41 Green Street, Windsor


Australian Levels WAG and High Performance gymnastics program and Gymstar Competitive  program

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