Workshops & Consulting

We are privileged to work with an amazing team of coaches, of which many are available for private consulting and workshops.

Swimnastics - Kirsten Norden

Swimnastics is a dryland training program specific for swimmers using gymnastics concepts to enhance the performance of skills, increase strength and improve flexibility. We begin by creating connections in the body, teaching athletes how to activate muscles and then challenge them in learning new skills. We speak the language of swimming to ensure the work can be applied once they dive in the water. The concept was created four years ago when Rohan Taylor (Australian Swim Coach) and Damian Farrow (Victoria University Professor in Motor Learning and Development) discussed the benefits gymnastics could bring to improving tumble turns, starts and streamlines. Kirsten Norden was approached to develop athletic, body aware and functionally skilled swimmers at a young age to enable great performance of swimming skills and then founded swimnastics.

Flipping Fit - Ally Walker

For two decades Ally has been in the gym teaching and testing training techniques with adult gymnasts. In 2017, based on her achievements governing body Gymnastics Victoria (GV) chose Flipping Fit to be the authority on Adult Gymnastics for the state. Flipping Fit have since produced a group of resources in partnership with GV to assist clubs with establishing and implementing adult gymnastics classes. Ally is now a GV Coach Presenter and is available to meet with club managers and business owners for guidance and coach education.