Flexibility and Handstands: introducing our new Adults classes

At Melbourne Gymnastics Centre, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the sport of gymnastics, which is why we offer programs for all ages, from babies to adults!

Our Adults Program caters for all abilities, from beginners wanting to try the sport for the first time through to returning gymnasts wanting to sharpen their skills and stay involved in the sport in a supportive environment.

Our Adults Flexibility and Handstands class

We have recently added to our Adults program with a brand new Sunday class, Flexibility and Handstands.

As the name suggests, this brand new style of class includes one hour spent on a specific range of flexibility exercises to give participants new range of flexibility (or to regain any flexibility they may have lost!). The second half of the class includes a range of developmental exercises to learn and perfect for handstand balance and beyond.

We are fortunate to have former International Level 10 gymnast, Ally Walker, as our Adults Team Leader. Ally represented Australia in both Women’s Artistic Gymnastics and Aerobic Gymnastics, and has been coaching the sport since 1993.

“The class is aimed at any adult of any age wanting to improve their gymnastic ability,” said Ally. “We are currently on Week 4 of our 4 week program which means we are focussing this week on Side Splitting and Side Bending plus Press to Handstand and One Arm Handstand Progressions.”

We are running this 4-week program as a rolling class, meaning the program restarts next week returning with Week 1. The class can be attended casually or as part of our weekly Adults memberships.

Like many of the athletes who have attended so far, Elisabeth has been enjoying the structure and the focussed outcome.

“I absolutely loved the flexibility and handstand class on Sunday,” said Elisabeth. “The programme is very well structured and planned, and the instructions are very clear and well explained by the coaches. I have attended similar programmes (flexibility and/or handstand focused classes) and would say this is the best I came across as it is really well structured and outcome focused. I have already recommended the programme to some of my friends who I hope will be able to join in the future!”

You can find out more information about our Adults program here. All welcome!